president putin

hi W. This is the final paper for the two papers you helped me with. Do u still have them or do u want me to send them to help with completing the final paper? Thanks for all your help. The last paper I sent you had the professor’s remarks on them on how he wanted the paper to look like.

Assignment 3: Personality Profile

See syllabus for a complete description. Following your introduction, and based on your proposal and feedback, develop a sufficiently detailed and supported, personality profile of your selected leader which will include at least two personality approaches covered in the class readings and discussions. The support for your choices must come from published speeches or statements by the your leadership choice, and actual events or incidents from his life – or her if you choose someone other than a male leader.

The examples may come from secondary sources, and you should have some corroboration of ideas from credible secondary sources that support your choices and your evaluation. I don’t want to read your interpretation of another’s evaluation. J

Let me iterate, avoid – as in don’t do it – using a secondary source to develop your personality choice. That is don’t look up Obama MBTI, orPutin Myers-Briggs in Google and use someone else’s analysis. There is no right or wrong answer here, per se. It is how well you support your choice that is important, not whether I or someone else may agree or disagree. But academically, being able to show occasional corroboration for key points is relevant.

Optional: Based on your assessment predict what your leader might do, or how he or she might react to a specific hypothetical situation which I will provide each student, on request, based on his or choice after I read the proposal.

Alternatively, I will give you the option to select a completely different scenario. If you choose to create your own, just message me back and let me know your choice so I can approve it and offer any comment if needed.

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