health care system in another country

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During HSA 1100 we have looked at various aspects of the health care system of the United States.

Now it is time to look at another nation’s health care system.For this assignment, pick another

country and discuss their health system’s essential features. Additionally, compare and contrast

those characteristics to those of the U.S. system.

Your assignment should meet the following criteria:

•The body of your assignment must be 750-850 words.

•You must have a title page and references page formatted to APA specifications.

•You must use two peer-reviewed references (you can obtain these from the online library).

•Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence mechanics.I am a stickler for this – if

you think you may need assistance, contact the Learning Support Center early!

•Do not use any quotes in your assignment.

•Do not plagiarize – that means no copying and pasting (except the assignment rubric as noted


•Copy and paste the Final Assignment rubric at the end of your assignment. Your assignment must

contain, at a minimum:

•Name of country and geographic locale (i.e., continent, what part of the world).

•Primary health system.

•Cost of health care per person (average).

•Payment methods/options.

•Is the system efficient (be sure to support this answer)?

•Is the system better or worse than the system used in the U.S.?

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