term paper 49

I want you to take a look at the file attached to understand the ideas that you are going to add to fit the topic. When you look at the outline, I want you to write about the section that highlighted with red colour “

  1. Implications on Investors and Creditors:
  1. Investors
    1. Implications on the amount of revenue, timing, as well as uncertainty
    2. There are particular sectors where you have an acceleration of revenue, but in other cases you have the deferral of revenue.
    3. The effect on a company’s margins. Ex: Gross Margin 2- Creditor: Financial impacts may force creditors to look into renegotiating to revise, or even waive, loan covenants.

***It must be depth, not breadth.

– It must be zero plagiarism.

– (2) full pages not include the introduction and the reference pages.

-Font size 12.

– Single space.

– APA style.

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