complete simple questions for american history course

Answer each question with at least 100 words…Cite all references under each question

1. List three reasons why Booker T. Washington wants African-Americans to stay in the South and take a more humble and gradual approach to developing their race.

2.List three reasons why W.E.B. DuBois disagrees with Washington’s approach and wants African-Americans to actively fight for their rights and equality.

3. Imagine you were an African-American living in the 1890s. Which approach would you have preferred, that of Booker T. Washington or of W.E.B. DuBois? There is no “Answer” thread for this debate, but please discuss the matter fully, remembering that this decision was really a matter of life and death for African-Americans at the time.

4. How do Americans react to the way that the male Russian immigrant in the movie treats his wife?

5. What do you think this film is saying about the way men who want to be American citizens should treat women? Do you think Americans still believe this today? There is no “Answer” thread for this question, but please be sure to discuss the matter fully.

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