read the description and answer the question please be specific and at least 500 words for each doc

1) Read lecture 5.

2) Watch the film – A League of their Own. Even if you have seen it before, please watch it again for this assignment because we will be looking at the film from a different perspective.


Please note that the requirements for Post 1 and Post 2 have been altered slightly. Make sure to read the instructions carefully.

Post 1

As we saw in this lecture and in this film, tensions always surrounded women as they progressed in sport and life. Gender and gender role expectations are all over this movie from Madia Gillespie to Mr. Harvey to Marla or the coach or even the fans.

Since we watched the film with a critical eye, I would like you to describe a situation in which you noticed gender implications in the movie.

1. Select one female character to discuss.

  1. Indicate on your Subject Line who you are focusing on.
  2. In the body of the post, respond to the following questions, based on the character you’ve chosen:

i. How did this character demonstrate gender role expectations? Describe scene or incident or dialogue.

ii. Was she resisting or reinforcing ideal gender roles? How? (see lecture 3 for definitions of resisting and reinforcing)

iii. Ask a thought provoking, open-ended question about your person.

Post 2

Respond to a question 1iii asked by one of your classmates.

Please also note: Deadlines have been extended, due to the need to view the film.Both posts are due before 11:59p on Saturday. You can earn 1 extra credit point for posting your 1st post before Wednesday, 11:59p.

Grading: See Grading Outline – Rubric

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