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Test Three Essay Questions

Essay Question: (10 points each) Answer two of the following five questions. To receive full credit be sure to answer the questions fully and completely. Use paragraphs to separate ideas. Define terms. Always explain your ideas with reasons and/or examples.

1. Define Yin. Define Yang. Then explain what the Yin/Yang symbol means. How is that different than western ideas of good and evil. Give reasons and examples to support your ideas.

2. What is WuWei? Give examples to make your definition clear. Then give and example in your own life when have been in Wu-Wei

3. China at the time of Confucius was filled with violence. Explain the Realists solution to the problem, and then explain the Mohists solution to the problem. Explain why Confucius rejected both choices. Do you agree with Confucius’s criticisms. Why or why not. Give reasons and examples to support your ideas.

4. Of the five virtues that Confucius supported, which one to do you believe would be the most important for the United States to use? First clearly define the virtue and give an example of it in real life, then explain why you think this particular virtue is important for the United States to embrace more?

5. When we read about Islam in the media today, we receive a distorted view of Islam. If you could, what two or three things do you think people who don’t understand Islam very well should know about Islam to give them a better understanding of this religion? Explain why you think these things are important to know about Islam. Give reasons and examples to back up your ideas.

6. Which of the five pillars do you find most compelling? First explain the pillar and its meaning thoroughly and then explain why you found it so compelling? Give reasons and/or examples to support your view.

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