the purpose of this assignment is to use a cross cultural approach to identify a crime problem in the u s and attempt to design some desirable social control mechanisms that can help reduce the problem

First, select a specific crime problem to study. The paper will deal with the causes of the crime in the United States from a social/cultural value perspective. You will focus on two or three principal cultural values in American society and find some actual cases/examples to illustrate how these values lead to the crime problem.

Next, expand the social/cultural values perspective to explain how effectively or ineffectively the informal social control has on the crime problem in the USA. How the crime was controlled at individual level through family, education, and morality; and controlled at the community level through neighborhoods, schools, religious organization, and workplace, etc. Compare and contrast the main social values in the three nations, and suggest if some of the oriental informal control mechanisms could be borrowed to help our own society.

Third, you will explain how the social/cultural values affect the formal social control mechanisms, namely laws, law enforcement, judicial system, and correctional system, in the three nations (to ease the amount of writing you can focus on one type of government control only; you do not need to cover all of them). By discussing the main characteristics of this government control in the U.S., Japan, and China and comparing their differences and similarities, you should be able to compare the advantages and disadvantages of them in terms of this crime problem control.

Finally, based on comparison of advantages and disadvantages of formal and informal social control mechanisms in the three nations, you will design some effective and feasible policies/programs that can help reduce the crime problem in the United States.

The paper should have 15 – 20 double spaced pages, in APA or MLA style, with at least FIVE references from academic resources. The due date of the paper is Thursday, April 27. Notice that a hard copy of the term paper must be submitted, and under no circumstances a late paper will be accepted.

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