300 words response 1

Please choose one text to read and response (300 words) to ONE question below.

1. Racial imperialism. What do you think the position of white women is in relation to patriarchy and racism, or racial imperialism? hooks argues that white women must assume responsibility for their participation in a white racial caste system. How have white women participated in this system?

2. What are some arguments made by Hull and Smith about the need for Black Women’s Studies specifically? What kinds of challenges did Black academics interested in Women’s Studies face? How did they address these challenges?


1. Ain’t I a Woman: Black Women and Feminism


Read only Chapter 3: Imperialism and Patriarchy, pg. 87-94 and Chapter 4: Racism and Feminism, pg. 119-130


2. All the Women are White, All Blacks are Men, But Some of Us are Brave: Black Women’s Studies


Read only the “Introduction: The Politics of Black Women’s Studies” by Gloria T. Hull and Patricia Smith

Thank you.

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