cyber security paper wimax 7 pages needed due 4 17 6pm

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I need someone to expand this 5 pages paper to 13-14 pages(count from intro to conclusion), double space. Below are the requirements.

Possible Cyber Security issues associated with deploying and using WiMAX.

You will need to follow these requirements for the paper.

It must be well written, with no grammatical, spelling or other syntax errors.

All citations must be referenced in accordance with APA format.

Reference Materials: textbook, class notes, APA Guide, Search Papers examples posted on Canvas, Research Journals

Details on Research Paper (example)


1. Abstract. 3
2. Introduction 3
3. Capabilities and Merits 5
4. Limitations 11
5. Initiatives 13
6. Conclusion 14
7. Reference: 16

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