negotiations and agreements

Format Requirements:

  • APA Formatted – Cover page, Times New Roman size 12, 1 inch margins, double spaced
  • Type All Questions (or create headings)
  • Answers must be detailed and contain depth of thought for full credit. As a guideline, each answer should be at least 200 words – YOUR OWN WORDS. Use of direct quotes is NOT acceptable – put concepts and ideas into your own words, then cite your sources. THIS IS NOT A COPY & PASTE ASSIGNMENT.
  • You are expected to utilize at LEAST TWO external sources for this assignment. These sources should be cited both “in-text” and accompany a complete citation list at the end of the paper.

Questions are in the files.

Remember use your own words. This is a “turnitin” assignment, and will be submitted using the plagiarism software through the portal.

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