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For each question, choose the correct answer. After choosing the correct answer, explain why that answer is correct.


1. Peggy, a 62-year-old woman, has been unable to work for the past year because of a back injury that she sustained at her job as a cafeteria worker. Her adult son, Brian, lives close enough for her to babysit his two young children on a regular basis. Peggy’s daughter, Linda, lives in another part of the state and recently had a new baby boy named Luke. Linda has asked her mother to move in with her to help cares for her newborn. Based upon the life span development model, for which of the following individuals is growth the most characteristic mode of adaptation?

a. Peggy.

b. Brian.

c. Linda.

d. Luke.

2. Mark, a 47-year-old man, is very shy. He has difficulty interacting with others because he feels awkward and does not easily express his thoughts and feelings. He is a relatively successful artist who lives alone in a rural Southern state. Mark also remembers being very shy as a child. Which of the following is not a likely explanation for the continuity of Mark’s personality over his life span?

a. Mark’s early temperamental shyness was influenced by his genes.

b. Mark’s parents did not try to make him more outgoing.

c. Mark selected a job which reinforced his temperamental characteristics.

d. Mark’s early temperament and his later personality traits are moderately correlated.

Chapter 14

  1. Measures of subjective well-being typically assess degree of felt happiness or positive emotion. Other measures of well-being focus more on assessing feelings of fulfillment or self-realization. The latter are indicators of what is sometimes called

a. allostatic load.

b. spirituality.

c. eudaemonic well-being.

d. Hedonic well-being.

2. At 50 years old, Andrew is an important source of support for his younger sister who has a serious disability. As a computer engineer, Andrew has made a practice of designing computer devices that help his sister and others in her situation interact with the wider world. Andrew sees his work as important in the lives of other people. Andrew’s view of his life is an example of

a. materialism.

b. global meaning.

c. hedonic well-being.

d. situational meaning.

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