particular education assignment in philadelphia ethnic neighborhood visit report

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write a paper of two-to-three pages(500-750 words)in which you answer the required questions(marked with an asterisk)and one of the optional questions(not marked with an asterisk)

-What is the ethnic community or neighborhood you are exploring?

-Why is it located in this area of Philadelphia?Is there some kind of anchor that keeps it in this geographic position?Are there any borders or boundaries that mark the community?If so,what are they?

-What are the visible uses of language within the community(for example,are names of businesses and signs in English or another language)?Classify the orthographies you see according to Writing Systems in the world.

-What are the audible uses of language within the community?Name the language you hear,and classify it according to its Language Family.

-Describe places you visited within the community

Describe any advertisements for special events in the community and describe the event if you attended it.

Describe any visible signs of relationship with the larger“Anglo”Philadelphia community.

Describe any conversation with residents of the neighborhood.

Describe any volunteer opportunities for insiders and outsiders that you saw advertised in the community.

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