explaining trading patterns and performance of individual investors

I got a question from my final project, which is “Explaining trading patterns and performance of individual investors”.

And requirement as follows: Consider this to be a term project where you can show all your ingenuity and creativity in order to come up with the best possible analysis of individual investors, their portfolio choice, performance, trading patterns, the effect that they have on financial markets etc. It is supposed to be a coherent and structured report, NOT bullet point answers to the suggested questions. At least one and half pages (Times New Roman, 1.5 spaced, Justified). And my professor list some of academic sources which could be useful for your preparation. The reading list is SUGGESTIVE (meaning not mandatory) and BY FAR not exhaustive. If you find alternative sources — academic, business or popular press — they are all suitable as long as you provide reference to them. The use of alternative sources is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED

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