oceanography 7

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Step 1: Print out the attached map of World Seismicity. Each dot on this map represents a place where earthquakes commonly occur. The color of the dot represents at what depth in Earth’s crust the rupture begins: shallow (0 to 70 km), intermediate (70 to 300 km) or deep (300 to 700 km).

Step 2: Annotate this map based on what you now know about the three types of plate boundaries. Your annotations MUST include at least four of the following types of notes:

  • a line or set of lines that connect the dots
  • a label indicating the type of plate boundary that coincides with a particular group of earthquakes
  • a label indicating the type(s) of features that you would expect to find near a particular group of earthquakes
  • additional symbols plotted on the map (and in the map key) to indicate the presence of mountains, volcanoes, etc…
  • arrows to show the relative direction of plate movement
  • observations that relate to your own personal experience with an area shown on this map
  • questions or comments

For full credit, you will want to include at least 10 annotations on your map, from at least four of the categories bulleted above.

Step 3: Scan or photograph your annotated map and attach with your on-line submission. Submissions will be graded based on the depth and quality of connection to the Learning Objectives for this module. For example, a map that merely uses lines to connect the dots will earn substantially fewer than a map that includes lines and labels with comments and questions.

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