assignment 7 2 final reflection

Assignment 7.2: Final Reflection

This paper will be an elaboration and reflection upon the course, including your initial concerns about working with students with exceptionalities (see module 2). Begin by discussing your initial perceptions of, or concerns about having students with exceptionalities in your classroom. (1 page). Then describe how your ideas have changed, stayed the same, or been strengthened by your observations this semester, the coursework, and/or the interview you conducted with a teacher. This should include direct references to readings/research from the course where appropriate (2-3 pages). And finally, you will be asked to talk about what aspects of teaching with students with exceptionalities you feel confident about (and why), and what concerns you still have at this point, and how you plan to address these concerns prior to having your own classroom? (2-3 pages).

The paper should be about 6-8 pages, double spaced, using APA style (Please include a separate title page and a references page).

*side note, English is the subject being taught within grades 7- 12 in New York State.

I will give you access to my online course so you can see all of the past modules and everything inside of it, including past discussion boards and papers.

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