korean movie analysis

must watch movie call “The Host” and pick a similar movie

Questions for Final Paper (Korean 186)

The paper should be 7-9 page in length, double-spaced and is due on April 27th. (Bring your hard copy to class on April 27th.) Present a clear and lucid argument and support the claim with specific and concrete examples drawn from the films. The paper should also reflect your understanding of the relevant articles from bCourses. References to the external sources are allowed.

  1. Compare and contrast two films that feature the protracted impact of the historical event (e.g., Korean War), social change (e.g., industrialization or modernization) or cultural development (e.g., Westernization) on characters and their interactions.Explore how each theme is imbued with the film’s unique treatment of gender, class, sexuality, urban/rural dynamics or lifestyle. Make sure you analyze specific film sequences to illuminate this connection.
  2. Compare and contrast two films that focus on the subject of love, affinity, understanding or empathy. What is each film’s unique treatment? What is the backdrop against which this theme gains currency and significance? What instability or dilemma does this communicative affect respond to or entail? What do the films scenario of love, understanding or empathy inform us about the condition of the involved characters and their transformation? Structure your argument with concrete analysis of sequences.
  3. Compare and contrast the depiction of the (troubled) family in two films. How does each film define, formulate, complicate and resolve problem within family? In particular, what is the role (as well as the limit) of father, mother or children in dealing with the predicament? Pay close attention to moments of tension or conflict to explicate the changing contour of family dynamics and meanings.
  4. Choose two films that share particular thematic or stylistic features. Formulate your proposal that includes the interpretive question, area of analysis and possible conclusion. Produce a paragraph-long proposal and submit it by April 20. The instructor’s approval is mandatory to carry out this assignment.

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