literature review and research design

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2000 words ± 10%
Learning outcomes 3-5
Electronically through MyLO Assignment submission folder

Before attempting this assignment:
Ensure the ‘Assessment’ section in this Unit Outline is read and understood. If you have any

questions, please do not hesitate to contact the lecturer.

Students should refer to the ‘Guide to Assessment’ file under the Content tab on the unitMyLO site for guidelines on assignment presentation.

Ensure you understand the assignment question(s) and/or tasks. Once again, consult your lecturer should you be unsure of any matters.

Note: All students are required to submit this assignment.Task description & requirements

Continue with the research topic and proposal from assignment 1. Make sure you make necessary revisions if this is suggested in the assignment feedback. Conduct a full literature review, and based on the literature review, develop the research design for your research project. This assignment covers two main parts of the project reports. The first part is the literature review, and the second part is the research design.

The following structure is suggested for assignment 2:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  4. Chapter 1: Introduction (based on your assignment 1, i.e. background, research aims,and research questions, expected outcomes and contributions, proposed structure ofthe report)
  1. Chapter 2: Literature review
  2. Chapter 3: Research design (including three subsections for the conceptualframework, data collection, and analysis methods respectively)
  3. References list

There is no requirement for the number of references. Instead, the researcher should ensure that the full literature review in Chapter 2 covers at least the main references relevant to the research topic. In your literature review chapter, clearly explain what key words and databases have been used to search for relevant studies for your literature review.


JNB728 Industry Research Project Page 10

The research design/methodology in Chapter 3 should explain and justify your research conceptual framework (if any) and your data collection and analysis methods. It is essential to show how all of these have benefited from the literature review presented in Chapter 2.

See the Essay/report assessment criteria sheet on the following page for information about the criteria and the standards by which your work will be judged.


JNB728 Industry Research Project Page 11

Assignment #2 feedback form: JNB728 Industry Research Project

Assessment criteria

High Distinction*





1. Literature review

1.1. Comprehensi veness

Very comprehensive and thorough


Some studies missing or not appropriately reviewed

Significant lapses in appropriately reviewing literature

Literature poorly reviewed

1.2. Depth

Very profound review and critical evaluation of the existing studies, their methods, and findings

page12image1758982288 page12image1779994528

Well thought review of the existing studies and their research methods and findings

Basic study methods covered but lack of in-depth evaluation and or some key studies


Descriptive, summary, and lack of depth and some details

page12image1759218528 page12image1759219728

Confusing and lack of many details

2. Research design

2.1. Conceptual framework

page12image1759235536 page12image1759233840

Innovative, well designed and effective research conceptual framework

Well-presented and supported by the literature

Sound research conceptual framework

Well-presented and supported by the literature


A research conceptual framework

Well presented with some support by the literature

page12image1759011120 page12image1759008880

A research framework presented with some errors or not well presented or supported by literature

Research framework not well designed, not relevant and poorly supported by the literature

2.2 Data collection method

Highly consistent with data sources


Mostly consistent with data sources

Occasionally inconsistent



Frequently inconsistent


Generally ignores the consistence with data sources

2.3. Data analysis method

Highly reasonable and feasible

Mostly reasonable and feasible

Generally reasonable with some outcomes unreasonable or infeasible

A number of outcomes unreasonable or infeasible


Generally unreasonable or infeasible

3. Logical structure, organisation & succinctness of writing

Highly effective, logical structure

Highly effective, clear & coherent flow of ideas

Sound structure

Effective, clear & coherent flow of ideas

Adequate structure

Sufficient flow of ideas

Organisation ineffective

Aspects unclear/illogical


No meaningful organisation

Generally illogical & unclear

4. Presentation, style, formatting and references

Professionally presented

Faultless application of prescribed style

Follows most requirements

Prescribed style applied with very few errors

Basic, essential requirements followed

Prescribed style applied with few errors

Significantly deviation from requirements

Some inconsistence in application of prescribed style

Requirements largely ignored

Incorrect referencing style

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