biology and history


1.Choose one of the following topics and find two resources through the CCCOnline Library on that topic:

a.Streptococcus mutans

b.Clostridium difficile

c.Microbial contributions to our weight

d.Microbes produce renewable energy

e.Antibiotic resistance

f.Quorum sensing

g.Giardia lamblia

2.Be sure to explore all of your available resources to complete this assignment: the EBSCO article database and the CCCOnline Library page for BIO204.

3.Write a brief summary of each of your selected resources as well as citation information for each of your selected resources for your classmates to view.

Fraudulent Data


Research a famous case of fraudulent data being published.

Discuss how this fraudulent data impacted public opinion.

Lastly, discuss why you think the scientist reported falsified data.250 word, intext citation and references in apa format

First Civilizations

Initial Post

Imagine you resided in the Western ancient world up to approximately 500 BCE (Mesopotamia, Egypt, or the Greek-speaking areas of Minoa, or Mycenae) and that we modern people had recently figured out a way to chat with you. You can play the part of any fictional citizen, ruler, priest or other role. Whatever role you do assume, introduce yourself to your (present) peers in a post that covers the following points:

A. Say who you are and what you do. Use actual terms from the period to make this come alive.

B. Explain why your people created permanent settlements.

C. Describe your religious traditions. How do these compare with other ancient civilizations from Module 1?

D. Explain what you believe is the single (only one) greatest cultural achievement or innovation which you will leave for your descendants and why? Make sure to incorporate historical evidence and use appropriate citations as necessary.

Greek and Roman Heritage


Write a 150-200 word post as follows:

1.Choose a fictional role in ancient Greek society (5th – 4th Century BCE) or ancient Roman society (Roman Republic or Etruscan).

2.Staying in character, assume that you traveled through time to the present day in the United States: what similarities to your ancient society do you note? Make sure you describe the conflicts that led to the creation of your “great” society. (For example, Persia or Macedonia for the Greeks).

cademic Research & the CCCOnline Library


1.Access the CCCOnline Library Resources on your Course Home page in the Helpful Links sidebar or by clicking the link here.

2.Explore the types of resources and tools available via the CCCOnline Library. In particular, look at the History Research & Subject Guide, the Doing Research from a Distance Tutorial and the Library Article Database Tutorial. In addition to the Research & Subject Guide, go to the article databases and check out the History Reference Center as well. (This is found by looking under “H” in the EBSCO Research Databases).

3.Select the available research tools that might help you in a history class.

4.Write a brief summary (at least a paragraph) of each of the useful tools that you found.

5.Describe the resources and your research methods and summarize what you have learned from the experience. If you have any questions, post a course specific question in the Free Space discussion.

6.Choose one of the following topics and locate two resources through the CCCOnline Library on that topic. Provide a summary (description of the resource) and citation for each selected resource:

oColumbus’s voyages

oAnne Boleyn’s execution

oJulius Caesar’s assassination

oLeonardo DaVinci and the DaVinci Code

oPeter the Great

oCardinal Richelieu

oCharles I’s execution

oThe Black Death

oThe Spanish Inquisition

oWitchcraft persecution in Europe (prior to 1650)

7.Provide a summary of each of your selected resources as well as the citation information for each of your selected resources.

8.Submit your summary report as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or in Rich Text Format (.rtf) to the assignment dropbox by the scheduled due date.

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