art history gardner s art through the ages kleiner fred s

Gardner’s Art through the Ages, Kleiner, Fred S.
I need someone who already knew about Chapter 27- 31 (Romanticism, Realism, Photography: Europe and America, 1800 to 1870 _ Contemporary Art Worldwide) and have access to the book.
Having the book is necessary!!!!!

The writing structure is:

I need someone who can write about a living artist that not cover in the course material. The artist you select must be currently alive and have a museum exhibition history. You can select any living artist who has exhibited at a major international museum. I need someone who can connect it to the material of this course (Chapter 27-31). You must select at least three artists/works from the textbook. Also, the assignment open-ended so that you can pursue that which interests you. Ultimately, you have 3 pages to engage with a contemporary artist utilizing the new tools of aesthetic analysis and visual vocabulary.

Here is how I might handle the assignment: I am married to Rachel Lachowicz (, so I want to write about her. Lachowicz is in the collections of many museums (LACMA, MOCA, Whitney, etc.) and has had her work shown in museums internationally. She meets the criteria. Much of her work references Dadaism and minimalism so I might pick Marcel Duchamp’s Urinal and Donald Judd’s Untitled to relate her work to. My goal would be to apply what I have learned in the course and relate that along with different artists and movements that they are connected with to this artist that we did not cover in class.

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