hris as a competitive advantage

In a minimum of 2 pages, include the following:

  • Research and explain 5 ways that the use of these HRIS deliverables can be used to aid companies in gaining a competitive advantage over competitors.
  • Include specific examples of instances where HRIS deliverables translate into increased productivity and strategic planning.
  • Remember to consider the use of HRIS deliverables regarding forecasting needs and monitoring trends.
  • Make sure to include proper APA formatting, in-text citations, and a references page and title page.

The scoring rubric for the Week 6 written assignment is:

  • You explain 5 ways that an HRIS application can be used to provide a competitive advantage to your organization. 50 points
  • You provide specific examples in which HRIS deliverables (reports, analyses, etc.) can translate into increased productivity, operational enhancements, contribute to strategic planning or solve a critical business problem. 40 points
  • Your paper meets APA guidelines for format, content, punctuation and grammar. 10 points

Your paper should be a minimum of two content pages. Try not to exceed five pages.

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