short essay questions about it security theories 1

Write 600 to 800 words for each of the short-essay questions (600-800 words for each topic). All questions are of equal value. You should provide credible references for each question according to the Faculty guidelines (apply APA 6th reference format).


– Apply theories and concepts to analyse IT security implications:

+ Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of the relevant IT security perspectives.

+ Correct application of the theories and concepts through indepth discussion, providing highly relevant real world examples.

– Demonstrates application of research skills through the critical analysis and evaluation of relevant literature:

+ Literature and sources presented is evidence of high level application of research skills; with comprehensive and critical appraisal of the literature and discussion of theory supported by sources in addition to those recommended in the course content.

+ Referencing style (APA 6th) has no mistakes.

– The tone and style is exemplary, and is appropriate to the content of the scholarly review.

Topic 2 – Cryptography: Discuss replay attacks and ways to thwart them. (600 to 800 words)

Topic 3 – Network Security fundamentals: Critique the four general goals for secure networking using suitable examples. (600 to 800 words)

Topic 5 – Firewalls: UDP is connection-less. How is it possible for an SPI firewall to handle UDP connections? Explain. (600 to 800 words)

Topic 6 – Host hardening: What is a security baseline? Why is it important in the context of organisational security? (600 to 800 words)

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