rights to privacy assignment 2 pages

Certain freedoms such as civil liberties and civil rights are concepts highly revered by Americans; however, there are times

when these two concepts conflict in the name of safety and national security. The Digital Age is having a profound effect on

the privacy of individuals in both their daily and private lives. With technology like cameras and smartphones, the activities of

people are being recorded more, whether it is running a red light, entering a building, playing in a park, or using an ATM


This assignment is based on your analysis regarding privacy versus safety and security. Address the questions below in a

cohesive essay, which should be at least two pages in length, be double-spaced, and be typed in 12-point Times New

Roman font.

1. Begin by identifying which part of the Constitution addresses individual privacy rights. Do you believe that with today’s

technology the Constitution still adequately protects those rights? Why, or why not?

2. Select and describe an issue that has been in the news within the last 15 years and relates to constitutional rights of

privacy as outlined in the Constitution and/or court rulings and national security. Explore how the need for national

security balanced with civil liberties and civil rights is impacted by laws and court cases/rulings.

3. Take a stand. Do you agree with the law or court case or ruling discussed in #2 above, or do you object? Where do

you draw the line in this privacy issue? Explain your response.

4. Explain how historical thought and tradition affect civil liberties and rights as they pertain to the issue you chose.

5. What consequences do you support for those who violate constitutional rights?

6. What, if any, compensation do you recommend for individuals whose rights have been violated by others?

You must use at least three sources to support your response. Make sure that all sources are cited and referenced using

APA style.

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