write an essay on social and personal responsibilities in terms of career of python developer

Essay must include the followings:

  1. The name/title of the profession/career that you want to pursue.
  2. Any degrees, licenses, certifications, etc. that you need to go into the profession.
  3. The basic job duties/expectations.
  4. All individuals, groups, or entities that you will interact with in the profession.
  5. Any laws, regulations, rules, etc. that impact the career directly.

Thesis must be in the introduction paragraph and each support statement of thesis should be explained in detail with other rest of the paragraph (MLA format)

Few templates:

1) To be socially responsible, a ______ should do ____, ____, and _____.

2) Social responsibility for a _____ means _____, ______, and _____.

3) The main social responsibilities of a ______ are _____, _____, and ______.

This essay should be at least three (3) full pages. It should be formatted according to MLA guidelines and contain at least six (6) outside sources.

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