case study 1130

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  1. Read the case:Ms. Comfort is dying of widely disseminated cancer and is suffering intense and implacable pain because of bone metastases, even with optimum pain management. She requests her physician to prescribe a supply of barbiturates sufficient for her to end her life, to give her and her partner instructions about appropriate dosage and administration, and to be present when she takes the prescribed medication to end her life.1
    [1] Jonsen, A.R., Siegler, M., & Winslade, W.J. (2006). Clinical Ethics. (6th ed). The McGraw-Hill Companies.
    Discuss the ethical arguments for physician-assisted suicide in terms of this case. If you were the physician, what would you do?Requirements:Submit your essay in a Word document. This assignment must be at least 400 words, with references cited properly in APA format, and a cover page (APA format). This assignment must be well-written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
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