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Watch Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. While watching take note of the intended point of the film and analyze its argument. What do you think the film makers want you to think after watching their film? Note: this may be different from what individuals in the film say. As you watch take notes on the way the film makes this point. Pay attention to, music, dramatic effects, camera work, and other attempts to influence your emotion. Use the readings as tools to analyze the film. Do the filmmakers follow the rules from “A Workbook for Arguments”? Do they use any of the bad forms of arguments discussed in “Nonsense”?

Once you have finished the film write out a short (around 150 word) summary of the film, and what you took to be the main point. In addition write a review of the “argument” (around 150 words). Your review should assess the filmmaker according to the rules we have learned in class. Finally write a quick (around 50 word) reflection on watching the movie critically, and whether you think paying attention changed the way the movie impacted you? (1 1/2 pages minimum)

Attached is a link to the film, a file that addresses the questions about “A Workbook for Arguments” and “Nonsense”, and the link to the class’s textbook.

The film:…

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