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Do NOT pay attention to the tittle of the assignment. Just follow the instruction provided below, if there are any questions. Please let me know.

Intro: 12 font, single space.

Paragraph one: start with a general introduction of agriculture in developing countries. You can use the FAO paper to get some facts about the importance of smallholder agriculture in general.

Paragraph two: I want you to write 1 or 2 paragraphs information about the agricultural sector in Ghana. Also, be sure to highlight agriculture in northern regions Ghana (Northern, Upper west, and Upper east, those are the Northern regions of Ghana). How is the climate different in the North than in the South? (you can use FAO website to get the info you need)

Literature Review: 12 font, single space.

I want you to summarize each paper into only one paragraph, andfor each paper need to highlight what the research about and focus on the research findings.

1.Past Index Insurance Programs

Here, please tell the story of some past index insurance programs. Use the following papers as references:

Paper 1: Miranda and Farrin 2012

Paper 2: Greatrex 2015

2.Demand for Insurance

Here, please discuss the papers that talk about demand for insurance. By this I mean, talk about the papers that look at the decisions to buy or not to buy insurance. Use the following references:

Paper 1: Hill, Hoddinot and Kumar 2013

Paper 2: Gine and Yang 2009

3.Impact of Insurance

In this section, discuss the papers that the talk about the impact that having an insurance policy has on farmers decisions and outcomes. Use the following references:

Paper 1: Karlan et al. 2014

Paper 2: Cai 2013

Paper 3: Elabed and Carter 2015

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