pick one specific cultural conversation and find a picture about it

The main purposes of the presentation are: to articulate the interest and significance of the cultural conversation, and your ideas about it; to create audience curiosity; and to have an opportunity for feedback that will help you refine and clarify your thinking.

Your presentation should explore some or all of the following questions:

  • When and how did the cultural conversation first emerge, and in what context(s)?
  • What are the areas of controversy and disagreement within the cultural conversation?
  • What genuine uncertainties does the controversy point to? What do we not know?
  • What central question do you think this cultural conversation raises?
  • What original perspective(s) will you be offering on this cultural conversation?
  • What are some areas for further exploration and consideration going forward?

Your presentation will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Clarity: does it present ideas clearly and logically?
  • Interest: does it make the audience interested in the cultural conversation?
  • Research: does it show evidence of expertise on the cultural conversation?
  • Multimodality: effective use of voice and visuals to aid audience comprehension.
  • Cohesion: is it effectively unified around a central question?
  • Complexity: does it reveal the conversation’s complexities?
  • Reflection/analysis: are you actively thinking, not merely relaying information?

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