in depth discussion and analysis of quot fyre the greatest party that never happened quot

FYRE: the Greatest Party that Never Happened.

You have two main tasks, then, in this mini-essay. First of all, you need to present a thoughtful, detailed, and original account of what you view as the film’s strengths, weaknesses, and notable qualities. Second, you need to situate the film in a larger cultural conversation, controversy, or debate. This should be related to the larger question of “the real and the fake,” but should be a more specific facet of that conversation. You should introduce written sources in order to connect the film to larger issues and discussions. You will use two types of written sources: prior reviews of the film(FYRE); and texts offering cultural analysis.

The basic requirements of this mini-essay are:

  • In-depth discussion and analysis of “FYRE”. (You may discuss others for comparison.)
  • Introduction of at least two written sources: min. one prior review and one other source.
  • Minimum of 2 full pages and maximum of 3 full pages, not including Works Cited.
  • Correct MLA formatting, including correct citation of films and written sources.
  • Thorough proofreading and editing, avoiding all typos.

The assignment will be evaluated primarily on the basis of the following questions:

  • How thoughtful, interesting, and original is your your analysis of the film?
  • Is your review equally rewarding for readers who have and have not seen the film?
  • How well does the review meet the genre expectations of the movie review?
  • How successful is the use of sources to situate the film in a cultural conversation?
  • Is the writing clear, engaging, and readable throughout?

A final note. All of these films have a great deal written about them recently online. You may use as many of these sources as you wish, within reason because this is a brief assignment. However, please ensure that you cite all sources fully and correctly so as to avoid plagiarism.

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