in your critical opinion what does oroonoko the african prince metaphorize in the novel write by aphra behn

Paper must make liberal use of text to support my interpretation. in the last paragraph, rather than simply “conclude” your paper, extend your analysis to make connection between Oroonoko and an example from your own contemporary cultural/media experience.

Style: for this paper you my choose to write in a style you are most comfortable in as long as your engaging with idea(not feeling) and are being highly analytical(rather than reactionary).

Format: Double-spaced. 12 point font, Time New Roman. Insert page numbers & your last name on the right-hand corner of every page.


Give your paper an original and unique title(e.g. not “Oroonoko”, or “Paper1”)

Abandon the 5 paragraph format. New development in your argument, or a new idea, should be explored in new paragraph. Don’t cram too many idea in a single paragraph.

There should be no more than 1 spelling or grammatical error per page.

Indicate page number for every quotation that you use. There should be 1 – 2 quotes or textual references in every paragraph, except in the introduction and conclusion.

Quotes should not be longer than one line. Longer section should be paraphrased.

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