module 03 written assignment examining analytics goals

One way to determine the performance of a Web site or specific page is to create a goal within a Google Analytics account. A goal is a page on your Web site that is considered to be a conversion. This can include a thank you page or a purchase confirmation page. Use the Internet to research analytics goals.

For the client you selected for your project(SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR MY CLIENT), complete the following:

  • Create a goal in a Google Analytics account.

Once you have created the goal, develop a 4 – 6 page report that includes the following:

  • An explanation of why you created the specific goal.
  • An analysis of the impact that the information which is generated in the form of reports will have on the client.
  • An explanation of what you have determined is the impact on decision-making.
  • An explanation of the impact on executing changes on the Web site.

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