why did the coca cola company introduce new coke 1

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Research Methods: Historical/Critical Assignment

Purpose: My primary objective in this assignment is to give you the experience of the work, the agony, and the joy of historical discovery. I want you to think of the term “history” broadly. The key to this assignment is to find some historical evidence and to present it in a clear and persuasive way. You should frame a single argument as your answer to the research question. I do not want you to summarize the various accounts surrounding the question you choose; I want you to argue for what you believe is the most plausible answer to the question. Wherever possible, consult primary sources for your material (newspapers, diaries, eyewitness accounts, etc.), and do not overlook people in the Lynn University community that might be able to provide you with assistance.

Grading: Your essay will be graded on the extent to which you stake out a clear position and argue for it, the extent to which you support your argument with primary and secondary sources, and the extent to which you adhere to principles of effective writing and manuscript presentation. Papers should be three pages without references page and cover page; answer the following question:

– Why did the Coca Cola Company introduce new Coke?

Try to explore different resources than you might think of at first glance. Be sure to consult primary sources wherever possible. Remember, there are a wide variety of resources from which to write “history.”


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