platos republic 1

1. in Book III of Plato’s Republic, Socrates argues that the Guardians of the city he describes will need certainly specific virtues. What specific virtues will the Guardians need to be good Guardians, according to Socrates, and why will they need them? Is Socrates right that people playing this role in the city will need these virtues? Why or why not? In explaining why these virtues will be needed by the Guardians, please be as clear as you can about what these virtues are.

2. . At the end of Book III of Plato’s Republic, Socrates argues that it will be necessary for the guardians of the city to devise “a single, noble lie” that will be told to everyone in the city (414b, 363). What is this “noble lie” and is Socrates right that it would be good to tell this lie to people, or not? Be sure to consider whether it is ever good for rulers to lie to the people they rule and, if it is, in what kind of circumstances it is good for them to do so.

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