answer 2 short essay questions

Please make sure to cite the textbook and page numbers when you use them to answer your questions. All answers must be in complete sentences and should be proof read before submitting.

II. Short Answer Essays:
Choose two of the three short essay questions and provide a complete response. Be sure to identify which questions you are answering.
(worth 40 points and I expect at least one and half page response for each)

a) Identify and discuss some of the challenges facing public pensions. From where do the revenues for pension funds typically come? What are some alternative/innovative revenue strategies used by municipalities to help “shore up” their pension funds as discussed in lecture? How are pensions vulnerable during municipal bankruptcy negotiations?
b) Compare and contrast discretionary and mandatory spending as discussed in your assigned readings. What are they? Provide examples of each. What are some of the challenges associated with each type of spending?
c) Identify and discuss the different long-term and short-term debt instruments used by state and/or local governments as discussed in lecture and your textbooks. When would these debt instruments most likely be used?

There are 2 books for the class; one is attached (pdf attached) and one online (use can access it via my email info attached).

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