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Water-related Documentary/Video Review:

This review will entail finding a water-related documentary or video of your choosing, watching it, and then writing a 2-3 page review (or you can think of it as a reflection) of the film. Your review should include both a summary of the film and your thoughts on the film (essentially a critique – which can include both negative and positive reviews. The video may be found via Netflix (or other equivalents), the NIU library, or your local library/video store. A few suggestions that I have include: Flow, Gasland, Cadillac Desert (this has 4 parts, 1 is fine to focus on), Blue Gold: World Water Wars. When choosing your film, the main consideration you need to keep in mind is that the primary theme must be centered on/around water – e.g., water wars, lack of water, water pollution, water conservation. Feel free to email me with your choice to make sure that it suitable for this assignment.

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