help me to do a presentation

I just need the powerpoint of the presentation and what I need to say in the presentation, like a little speech notes.

Here are the prompt of the assignment:

For this assignment, you will choose 2 of the readings listed below to summarize, compare, and contrast. Your presentation should end with 1 or 2 open-ended questions about the readings and their implications for your peers to think about. You will record your presentation of the readings in a roughly 10-minute video.

  • Briefly summarize a few key points of the reading.
  • Share any points where you have a different perspective than the article.
  • Come up with interesting questions to ask the other people in your group relating to the article.
  • Bring in some related topics (from the news, from your other classes, etc.) to share with the group.
  • Create slides or a visual summary of the reading.

Here are the links of the readings:………………

Thank you very much~

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