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Choose and answer only one !!!📍 of the prompts below. Your answer should be 5-7 pages long and submitted to the Turnitin link😀

1. Explain the structural understanding of WWI.

2. Explain the problem of domestic commitment.

3. Explain the logic of wars of retribution

😃please do not use other source. use only the book below and the lecture notes below. 😃

the Course Readings Peter S. Kindsvatter. 2003. American Soldiers: Ground Combat in the World Wars, Korea, and Vietnam. University Press of Kansas. It is available in bookstore and library reserve.

If the quote is from a lecture, then you need to specify date of the lecture. If the quote is from a book, then you need to provide the page number. Outside resources are a plus only when you’ve demonstrated a keen understanding of the course materials already. Promiscuously citing a wide range of outside resources without demonstrating knowledge of the course materials is strongly advised against.

I separate lecture1 and 2 of them onto two parts because of the file size limit

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