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1200 words ± 10%
Learning outcomes 1-3
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Note: All students are required to submit this assignment. Task description & requirements

Select a research project topic, preferably in the maritime/transport/logistics/supply chain management field. Prepare a research proposal according to the following structure.

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  4. Background for the research (including justification for the research)
  5. Research aims and questions
  6. Expected outcomes and contributions
  7. Proposed structure of the project report/paper
  8. Time schedule (a Gantt chart showing minor and major activities with completion date)
  9. References list

Reference list must include at least 10 research-type relevant references, i.e. journal articles, edited books, conference papers, and industry reports. Marks will be deducted proportionately for lack of relevant references.

See the Essay/report assessment criteria sheet on the following page for information about the criteria and the standards by which your work will be judged.



JNB728 Industry Research Project Page 8

Assignment #1 feedback form: JNB728 Industry Research Project

Assessment criteria

High Distinction*





1 Introduction

1.1 Research Background

Evidence of wide and deep research on industry requirements

Mostly very clear & appropriate discussion on industry requirements

Occasionally unclear or inappropriate

Frequently unclear &/or inappropriate

Irrelevant background or insufficient discussion of the background

1.2 Research aims & questions

Fully based on research motivation;

Crystal clearly defined and precise

page9image566741984 page9image566742576

Well supported by research motivation;

Mostly clear and precise

Generally supported but slightly biased;

Generally clear and precise with minor ambiguity


Greatly biased from research motivation;

Major ambiguity

Generally biased; Generally unclear

2. Expected outcomes and contributions

2.1 Expected Outcomes

page9image566782960 page9image566784960

Highly reasonable and feasible

Mostly reasonable and feasible


Generally reasonable with some outcomes unreasonable or infeasible

A number of outcomes unreasonable or infeasible

Generally unreasonable or infeasible

2.2 Contributions

page9image566794688 page9image566796720

Fully based on research aims, literature review and outcomes

page9image566802848 page9image566803376

Well supported by research aims, literature review and outcomes


Generally supported but slightly biased


Greatly biased from research aims, literature review and outcomes

Generally biased

3. Structure of the project report

Crystal clear and highly reasonable structure

Mostly clear and reasonable structure

Generally reasonable and clear with some unreasonable sections

A number of sections with unreasonable structure

Generally unreasonable or unclear

4. Research schedule

Highly reasonable with clear Gantt chart

Mostly reasonable with clear Gantt chart

Some tasks without reasonable schedule or clear illustration


A number of tasks without reasonable schedule or clear illustration


Generally unreasonable schedule and unclear illustration

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