introductory ecology answer each question in one paragraph

Answer each question in one paragraph:

1) Distinguish ( i.e. define, giving a major difference ) between the following terms:

  • a) Lotic systems and lentic systems. (2 points)
  • b) Metapopulation and community. (2 points)
  • c) Polyandry and polygyny. (2 points)
  • d) Definitive host and intermediate host. (2 points)
  • e) CAM photosynthesis and C4 photosynthesis. (2 points)

    2) Describe, using the correct terminology, the thermal strategies employed by a typical black bear in Prince George over the course of a year. (2 points)

  • 3) The current interest in biofuels is leading to discussions about removing dead wood from forested ecosystems in order to use it to generate energy. How would the removal of large quantities of dead wood influence communities in these systems? (2 points)

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