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Here is a brief video example of CBPR happening in Detroit to get you started (you do not need to comment on this video; it is simply one example to get you started thinking about CBPR in action):

Discuss: For your discussion this week, please do the following.

  • Find a video or research example (article or website) of CBPR by conducting an Internet search or using CBPR
    • Make sure the example is truly CBPR. CBPR is different from community-engaged research or community-based research; the participatory aspect of CBPR is important.
  • Choose an example that identifies itself as CBPR.
  • Share a link to your choice and describe the study or project for your initial post.
  • Discuss the value you see in having the community lead the change efforts in the given example.
  • Explain why it is preferable for the community to lead rather than researchers come in from the outside to push for change within the community.

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