bilogy reply 2

From the study modules, it tells us that the exponential growth is from humans utilizing resources through modern technology and advances in medicine. With the advancement in medicine, plagues cease to rarely exist especially over a long period of time. Thus, sustaining life and increasing the mortality rate. However,there are drawbacks to resources, so much to the point, that it can be taken advantage of. Resources like technology; cell phones, for example, serves a great purpose of staying in close communications with others. However, when it comes to upgrading cellphones to a new one every year, the resource it exceeds its purpose. The need and use of cell phones is now a trend to have the latest and greatest when the main purpose of the resource was to simply communicate. The production of this resource and many like it, when it comes to modern technology is no longer resourceful but wasteful and harmful to the environment. Just like cell phones, cars are no longer a need but a want.

Agree or Disagree within 2-3 sentences

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