group project 22

It’s group project for day 3. And In the group I need to do the person 1,

Based on the task given, we are establishing a foreign office in the country we previously chose (China). Below is a breakdown of the tasks we are given and an even break-up between each team member.

Person 1 – Critical considerations for this type of establishment

Fact Pattern and Exercise for Day 3

For the third presentation, Mr. Wang has tasked your team to assist the company in selecting a growth strategy through establishing a foreign office. Your team needs to develop a list of the critical considerations for such establishment. Mr. Wang wants to know the advantages or disadvantages of moving forward with such an approach as opposed to simply using local distributors.

Having developed a list of such considerations, your team is to develop a business plan for establishing such a foreign office in a single country of your team’s selection and prepare a time line of the business goals of that office for the first two years of operation. Your team should explain the potential profit opportunities and risks likely to occur within such time period in the country of your team’s selection.

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