analysis paper for critical thinking

HUM 115 Short Reflection Paper

Length: 500 words maximum, but no less than 325 words. 2 pages.

General Instructions: After reading the prompt carefully, answer the questions in MLA format. Answer as thoroughly, clearly, and concisely as possible. MLA format directions: MLA Formatting Help

Detailed Instructions:

  • Plan your work first. Utilize the following writing steps: brainstorm, complete the CPA sheet, outline, rough draft, edits, second draft, proofread aloud for grammar/typos/spelling, and final draft.
  • Your answer should be written in grammatically correct complete sentences. You should divide your indented paragraphs according to thought/topic change. No more than 3 to 5 sentences per paragraph.
  • Be focused. Only include content that is relevant and directly related to the question.
  • If you make use of any work besides the text book, you must include parenthetical citations and a works cited entry with a full MLA formatted citation.
  • Prompt: Using Chapter 13, write an inductive argumentative essay in which you make a claim (argument) and provide ample premises (evidence/reason) to support your conclusion (final statement in a claim). Note: you can pick ANY narrow and specific argument, as long as it does not advocate for hate speech, hate crimes, genocide, general tyrannical behavior and/or illegal physical violence/abuse toward another human being, animal, or property.

Your paper must include the following:

1. A thesis statement—such that the claim is abundantly clear and specific.

2. At least two premises to support the thesis statement and claim.

3. An organization pattern from Chapter 13 (that is, how will you organize your premises/argument)? You may use more than one method, of course.

4. At least three paragraphs, preferably 5, that divide the argument into an organized, logical, clear, and easy-to-follow read for your audience (me).

5. MLA Citation of research/articles used to support your argument.

Remember, your goal as a writer is either to convince the audience (me) of your claim –OR—at the very least, make me aware of the argument.

**I attached the powerpoint notes for Chapter 13 as a reference**

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