can you answer these 1

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In your own words and/or only using the attachments (attachments are only for questions 1-5), answer the following questions: NO PLAGIARISM, answers must be at least a few sentences long.

1. It has been said of Miranda’s exclusionary rule “The community suffers because the constable erred.” How does the community benefit form the changes in law enforcement brought in by Miranda and cases following it?

2. What requirements are necessary for the government to place a wiretap on an individual?

3. May a person waive his Miranda rights, and what test determines whether the waiver is voluntary?

4. What is “entrapment”?

5. When does a suspect have a right to counsel?

6. What is probable cause?

7. At what point in the criminal justice process is it necessary to give Miranda warnings?

8. When does the Fourth Amendment allow the search of a car?

9. List the Miranda warnings.

10. Is it necessary to have an attorney present when a confession is made?

11. Why do police not require a warrant when something is in plain view?

12. Who may consent to a search warrant of your home?

13. What are the parameters of a “stop and frisk” search?

LONG ANSWER/ESSAY QUESTION: NO PLAGIARISM- Answer must be at least a paragraph.

Explain the Exclusionary Rules.

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