final project financial model report


From here, you are to develop implementation strategies and identify the key players who need to be involved in the implementation process. Remember, you have to demonstrate how your proposal will have a balance of both risk and return that aligns with the company’s overall appetite for both.

You will submit your Financial Model Report. Your report should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final product. It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course.

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

I. Analysis of Scenario

A. Analyze the overall competitive industry of the firm to determine what variables should go into the model, paying close attention to those issues that can have the largest impact on the firm. Describe why each variable you select is an important driver in thisscenario.

B. Analyze the interest rate environment to determine what variables should go into the model, paying particular attention to the effect of current and future rates on the company, especially with regard to securing a line of credit. Describe why each variable you select is an important driver in this scenario.

C. Analyze the overall economy to determine what variables should go into the model, focusing specifically on how the macro-economy may impact this particular company (rather than all companies). Describe why each variable you select is an important driver in thisscenario.

D. Discuss the role that variables such as market conditions play in creating financial models that effectively achieve strategic objectives.

II. Appropriate Procedures

A. Describe why the model is needed and define its purpose in terms of providing optimal results. Be sure to defend your rationale.

B. Based on the purpose you defined and the necessary variables you identified, select the most appropriate type of model to fulfill the identified purpose.

C. Provide an explanation bridging the gap between the equations necessary and the conceptual idea. That is, describe how and why the calculations will provide value and benefit the company. Be sure to explain the concepts behind the numbers.

III. Modeling Techniques

A. Define the essential inputs or assumptions you would need to build your model, using evidence and examples to substantiate your claims.

B. Determine the operational performance metrics that you would want your model toachieve.

C. Analyze the financial processes needed to engage in building the model. In other words, describe the financial artifacts you would need, such as cash flow projections, revenue, expenditures, etc.

IV. Interpretation of Results

A. Calculate the operational performance metrics you selected, and analyze the results of your calculations in terms of the company’s needs and the intended purpose of the financial model.

B. Discuss how you would most appropriately convey this analysis to the following decision-makers, being sure to articulate the distinctions necessary to effectively present to the specific audience:

1. Your supervisor. Ensure that you defend your rationale.

2. Your horizontal managers and/or colleagues. Ensure that you defend your rationale.

3. The financial institution considering granting you a line of credit. Ensure that you defend yourrationale.

V. Implementation Strategies

A. Based on the anticipated results of the model you would construct from this framework, recommend an implementation strategy that balances risk with return. Be sure to justify your recommendation.

B. Identify key organizational stakeholders who will need to be involved in the implementation, and discuss their roles in ensuring a successful implementation. Be sure to defend your reasoning.

C. Discuss how the strategy you are recommending would effectively balance risk with return. Be sure to substantiate your claims with examples and evidence.

For additional details, please refer to the rubric document.

I have uploaded the final rubric and my milestone draft 1-4. You need followed the feedback and the rubric to provide a revised and completed final milestone. The each feedback you can check it in the end of each milestone.

Do not only copy my draft and do not make any adjustment, even plagiarism. I will check it by turnitin.

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