answer the questions below 18

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First observe the image(file name: caravaggio-boy-bitten-by-a-lizard-web.jpg) and answer the questions below.

1. What is your reaction to this painting by Caravaggio?

2. As you begin to examine the painting, do you come to a different conclusion?

3. Do you believe the artist is painting a portrait of a particular person? Why or why not?

4. What do you think is the symbolism behind this image?

5. Do you sympathize with the lizard or the boy?

6. Do you feel as the viewer you are witnessing a moment that is a reflection of regret and/or what goes around comes around?

7. Do you believe this painting is making a statement on the behavior of society and the outcomes that ensue?

8. What story would you create to go with the painting?

Next, watch the following video and respond to questions below for the video.

Video in the link::…


a) Do you believe the lizard is a reference to the garden of Eden?

b) What is your reaction to the turbulent life style of the artist Carravaggio?

c) Do you agree with Carravaggio’s message to the people of Italy to be cautious of your choices?

Answer the questions offered, with regard to the article, here is a link:…


i) If you were to buy the Spiral house, would you have a problem with not having many options, with regard to furnishings and decor? Why or Why not?

ii) What is your reaction to the article which states, ” You don’t add flowers to a Picasso or paint jewelry onto the Mona Lisa.”, do you agree with this statement? Why or Why not?

iii) In viewing the beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” in class, had you considered the perils of having unwanted visitors coming to see your home at anytime or day; or being asked for photo shoots or weddings on your property?

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