analysis of a case study 1

In 5 or 6 pages (do not count reference page and cover sheet) you should analyze the case study that I attached (in an essay style). First, Identify as many legal issues as you can, analyze these issues, and referencing the text, the cases. You have to use the book and cases or other recourses to support your argument. You must include a cover sheet and a reference page. You simply need to answer to the best of your ability, making sure it is comprehensive and thorough.


Lecturer Morris Jones, an African-American, is teaching mathematics under his third one-year contract at Arrow College.The dean has informed him that he will not be issued another contract and that his employment will end at the close of the semester.Because another faculty member (a white male) was granted tenure last year after three years of service, Lecturer Jones has applied for tenure at Arrow College.

Jones’ stay at the college has not been without controversy.He has written several articles critical of race relations in the local town.As a result, the chairman of the Board of Trustees has stated that he will never approve tenure for Jones.Students have complained that Jones teaches black racial superiority in his classes.In addition, Jones has filed a sexual harassment complaint with Human Resources.He alleges that his department chair said she would consider voting for tenure for him if he would go out with her.Earlier, he states, she showed him some pictures of her in a negligee.In addition, Lecturer Jones refused to participate in the annual Dedication to Christ service, attendance at which is required by the college.

In his second year at the college, Jones suffered a serious back injury when he fell while walking past a campus construction site.As a result, he has asked for a specially designed chair to use in the office and the classroom.

What are the legal issues here? And analyze them based on the book and cases?


  • Remember, analyze the case do not Judge the case.
  • Write an essay style
  • You should know if the institution is private or public to use appropriate analysis
  • Use the facts that provided in the case
  • use my outline to write the essay
  • Present an introduction paragraph: present a brief summary of the case above, and mention if the Arrow College private or public (if it is private , use law for private institution through your analysis . If it is public use law for public), and at the end of the introduction, state the thesis statement for example (Based on what I study in legal issues class, I would like to analyze this case through several issues : ….,…..,….. )
  • Present body paragraph #1: present first issue and support it by evidences from the book or the cases.
  • Present body paragraph #2: present second issue and support it by evidences from the book or the cases.
  • Same thing until you finish all issues……
  • ……
  • Conclusion : restate the thesis and close the essay

or ( in this paper, I would analyze Jones’ case……)

or (There are different issues in Jones’ case such as sexual harassment, disability, tuner contract…..etc )

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