film discussion 2

Discuss the Mise-en-scène from this clip: The Best Years Of Our Lives – Homer And Wilma – Available November 5 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.The Best Years Of Our Lives - Homer And Wilma - Available November 5When looking at Mise-en-scène, ask yourself the following questions.

You do not have to answer all of these questions, these are only here to prompt you to think critically.


What is the balance of the characters in relation to the objects in the room? Is the Rule of Thirds used?Explain.

Where is this scene taking place?

What items do you see in the background?

How do the Props, Costumes, Lighting, Sound, and overall composition reinforce the characters’ states of minds and the overall tone of the film?

Why do you think the camera is positioned at these angles, places?

Consider the editing: When do we cut and why?

How does the Form (the mise-en-scène) reinforce the Content (what the two characters are discussing)?

How does this film resonate today, so many years after it has been made?

Please use this discussion area as a way to compare and contrast – and do not simply repeat what has already been covered by another student.

Each Discussion is graded on the following Points
Discussion is focused on the subject. 3
Response attempts to stimulate further thought & discussion. 1
Film vocabulary and concepts introduced in this class is used. 1
Discussion post is a minimum of 100 words. 1
Response contains complete sentences. 1
Discussion posted contains no spelling errors. 1
Discussion post does not exceed 300 words. 1
Student has posted to the discussion. 1

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