electrical questions 3

Explain your answers short and to the point.

1.In a parallel voltage circuit arrangement voltage remains the same (across each parallel resistor) while in a single loop series circuit arrangement current stays the same (across each parallel resistor).(1 point)



2.What is the equivalent total resistance of three 10 ohm resistors in parallel. (1 point)

3.In a DC circuit of question 2 above what is the power (in volt-amps or watts) in the resistor? (1 point)

4.A simple 12 V voltage source (12 volts) has twelve parallel branches of 12 ohms resistors each.What is the current value in each parallel leg?What is the total source current value? (1 point)

5.What is the AC system frequency commonly used in the US.(1 point)

6.Provide a couple examples of available voltage systems for commercial applications in the US? (1 point)

7.Provide an example where the National Electrical Code requires a receptacle to be GFI protected.(1 point)

8.Which California Code specifically addresses the electrical installation in facilities throughout the State?Which code cycle date is the current one in effect? (1 point)

9.Which US based society primarily addresses the lighting design requirements in the construction industry? ( 1 point)

10.Why is a neutral wired needed in the electrical system we use in all facilities?Short and to the point. (1 point)

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