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i need someone to respond to the following paragraph.

1- In my opinion, a written constitution is necessary to keep governments accountable. A written constitution, as opposed to say an oral constitution can not be altered or up to interpretation. With a written constitution in a nation, it provides fundamental laws which keep that nation stable for years to come. This written constitution shows what can and can not be done, which keeps our rights as a citizen safe. Without a written constitution, rules can be changed for the ones to “profit” from it, which results in the loss of everyones inalienable rights. The United States has done so well since the late18th century because of the U.S. Constitution, while other countries have been struggling on many sides because they do not have a written constitution in their nation to clearly define the “walls” in which no person or thing can cross. I believe that other nations should incorporate written constitutions as they allow countries to have defined values in which everyone has to follow, and that these laws can not be changed to allow someone or something more power or a work around to oral constitutions.

2-I believe that constitutional government is important to control powers. There are many marked reasons that enhance the importance of having constitutional government. First, the people of power and many can do many things that are injustice and they can not be judged because they can control even the judges. examples of that are the dictators who have absolute power. So the constitutional government doesn’t allow for this to happen and it doesn’t give an absolute power for specific leaders even if they have money. Cconstitutional government stand for people’s rights. Second, people have different opinions and thoughts. If the constitutional government didn’t exist then there will be big conflicts and many people will not be happy because specific things will go the way that they don’t want or like or it maybe against their believes specially if these things and orders are long term orders then these people will give up on what they really want to make or their dreams about seeing something change in the way they want it. In addition things in life ought to be changed. Unconstitutional government will allow having the same leaders or specific kind of believes to control the government over and over again.

3- The Constitution is a document that clearly defines the principles that the United States upholds. Having a written constitution is definitely helpful in retaining the very values upon which the nation joined together in a union of states. The Constitution serves two main purposes. One is to outline the values and principles that the states together agree upon, and secondly, it defines the powers of each of the three branches of the federal government. By limiting the powers of the three branches, the Constitution safeguards the autonomy of the states as well as ensures the individual rights and freedom of the citizens of the nation. The Constitution also puts in place a system of checks and balances that ensure that neither of the three branches overstep their powers. It is difficult to extend the powers of any branch because the written Constitution clearly states what the government can and cannot do. The government therefore remains accountable for all of its actions and can be challenged in case it makes any decisions that are contrary to the power vested in it by the Constitution. A recent example of how one branch of government prevents another from acting in a way that goes against the Constitution is the striking down of some of the provisions in an executive order of the Trump administration that attempted to reduce the power of federal unions and make it easier to fire federal employees. The order was an attempt to prevent federal employees from representation and collective bargaining through unions.

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