essay exam 8

Question 1

  1. How would a person use self-defeating humor to address the following situation? You are a coach of a basketball team and your team has lost four games in a row. You need to win one more game to reach the playoffs and you are playing your last game tonight. You were in this exact same situation when you were in high school, and your team lost the final game because you missed a field goal. Using self-defeating humor, how will you energize your team to win the final game? (Write down what you would say– at least three sentences,) then tell how your speech shows a self-defeating humor style.

    Question 3

    1. How would a person resolve the following situation if they have high Neuroticism? Malcolm is one of two supervisors in a company that manufactures hair dryers. His team is responsible for making the body of the hair dryer, and the other supervisor, Jonah is responsible for making the motor. Jonah’s team provides the motor to Malcolm’s team. Jonah’s team has been praised for providing perfect motors with no defect. Malcolm’s team has had problems installing the motor’s into the body of the machine, and he knows that if he does not complete the production run with no defects, he will not get the promotion wants. He needs to give a speech to his team to encourage them to win the game. Write the speech (three sentences), and then tell how what you said reflects a person with Neuroticism as their main personality trait.
    2. Question 4

      1. Individual differences theory is one that looks at ways in which individuals are different. Intelligence is an individual difference that suggests that if a person performs well at one task, they may not do well at another. Explain whether this statement is true or false, and then explain why

      Question 5

      1. Based on your readings, name four of the five ways to tear down the fences between in-group and out-group members and fully explain your answer.

      Question 6

      1. If a person is categorized as having a Lion temperament, which Big Five Personality trait would they also most likely have at a high level? Name the personality and explain why?
      2. Question 10

        1. Compare and contrast a person that uses aggressive humor and a person that uses self-defeating humor
        2. Question 11

          1. Compare and contrast individuals that have high Conscientiousness and high Neuroticism.

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